FinWire news are entirely prepared and distributed by FinWire. AktieTorget has commissioned FinWire to monitor all companies listed on AktieTorget and to write news about the companies FinWire finds interesting. AktieTorget communicates all information prepared by FinWire and related companies listed on the AktieTorget marketplace.

AktieTorget has no ownership in FinWire nor any influence over FinWire or the information FinWire distributes. AktieTorget has not reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed the information provided by Firewire.

FinWire, in consultation with AktieTorget, has taken measures to prevent conflicts of interest arising as a result of FinWire publishing news about the companies on the marketplace. FinWire have restrictions both on trading of shares listed on AktieTorget and accepting commissions from companies listed on AktieTorget. FinWire follows the Swedish economics journalists policy.

For more information, contact:
AktieTorget, Peter Gönczi
FinWire, Mats Hård

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