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11/19/2018 4:54:29 PM

Trading is open

Below you find the quotes and volumes in real time from INET Nordic. Trading is open until 5:30 PM CET.

Observation List

Current Share Prices

Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
Slottsviken A  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Slottsviken B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
NFO Drives  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Lovisagruvan  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Klick Data B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
European Institute of Science B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
IDL Biotech B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
HQ  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Angler Gaming  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Genesis IT  SectorPic         0 State unknown
AlphaHelix  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Taurus Energy B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Josab International  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Orasolv  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Amhult 2 B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals  SectorPic         0 State unknown
HomeMaid B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Miris Holding  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Eurocine Vaccines  SectorPic         0 State unknown
MedicPen  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Net Gaming  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Consensus B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Novus Group  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Jojka  SectorPic         0 State unknown
EasyFill B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
Vindico Group  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Amnode  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Challenger Mobile B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Railcare Group  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Star Vault B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Future Gaming Group  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Eurocon Consulting  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Bahnhof B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
ProstaLund  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Parans Solar Lighting  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Beowulf Mining SDBinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Transferator B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Transferator A  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Micropos Medical  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Everysport A  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Botnia Exploration  SectorPic         0 State unknown
SensoDetect  SectorPic         0 State unknown
True Heading B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
EcoRub B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
PharmaLundensis  SectorPic         0 State unknown
WntResearch  SectorPic         0 State unknown
FX International  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Latvian Forest B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Sivers IMA  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Ambia  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
New Equity Venture International B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
ECOMB  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Medfield  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Respiratorius  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Gullberg & Jansson  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Recyctec B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Spago  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Exalt  SectorPic         0 State unknown
TiksPac  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Safe at Sea  SectorPic         0 State unknown
SyntheticMR  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Nanologica  SectorPic         0 State unknown
EQL Pharma  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Ecoclime  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Phase Holographic  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Tourn International  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Precisionsmetall Group  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Alteco  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Ortoma B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
PromikBook  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Envirologic B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
BrainCool  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Motion Display  SectorPic         0 State unknown
DexTech Medical  SectorPic         0 State unknown
OptiFreeze  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
Axkid  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Mobile Loyalty  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Crowdsoft  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Peptonic Medical  SectorPic         0 State unknown
ahaWorld  SectorPic         0 State unknown
C Security  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Wonderful Times Group  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Igrene  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Real Heart  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Gabather  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Oboya B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Rootfruit  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Sealwacs  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Follicum  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Zenicor  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Orezone  SectorPic         0 State unknown
CombiGene  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Aptahem  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Pharmacolog  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Cline Scientific B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Emotra  SectorPic         0 State unknown
VibroSense Dynamics B  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Idogen  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Hybricon  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Insplorion  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
Nanexa  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Oncology Venture  SectorPic         0 State unknown
SpectraCure  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Community Entertainment  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Double Bond Pharmaceutical  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Hamlet Pharma  SectorPic         0 State unknown
QBank  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Acrinova  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Absolicon  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Litium  SectorPic         0 State unknown
PExA B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Alzinova  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Toleranzia  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Storytel B  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Fastout Int  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Invent Medic  SectorPic         0 State unknown
QuickCool  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Dalsspira Mejeri  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Zenergy B  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Sleepo  SectorPic         0 State unknown
IMINT Image Intelligence  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Prebona  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Raybased  SectorPic         0 State unknown
RhoVac  SectorPic         0 State unknown
NorInvent  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
Sydsvenska Hem  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Sjöstrand Coffee B  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Vadsbo Switchtech  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Plejd  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Bosjö Fastigheter  SectorPic         0 State unknown
SynAct  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Cereno Scientific B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
Redwood Pharma  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Provide IT  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Shortcut Media  SectorPic         0 State unknown
VideoBurst  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Yield Life Science  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Pen Concept  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Mälaråsen  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Panion  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Finepart  SectorPic         0 State unknown
AcouSort  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Umida B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
AppSpotr  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Camanio Care  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Aerowash B  SectorPic         0  State unknown
iApotek  SectorPic         0 State unknown
MenuCard B  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Freedesk  SectorPic         0 State unknown
EatGood  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
Acosense  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Compare-IT  SectorPic         0 State unknown
AcuCort  SectorPic         0 State unknown
MobiPlus  SectorPic         0 State unknown
NextCell  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Bråviken  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Ayima B  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Enrad  SectorPic         0 State unknown
OmniCar  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Initiator Pharma  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Inhalation Sciences  SectorPic         0 State unknown
Qiiwi Interactiveinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
ESEN eSportsinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
BiBBInstrumentsinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Logistriinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Community Entertainment BTA1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
MenuCard BTA Binfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Follicum BTA 1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
European Institute of Science BTA 1 Binfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Dalsspira Mejeri BTAinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Fastout Int BTAinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
SealWacs BTAinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Orasolv BTAinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
C Security BTA 1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Zenergy TO 1 Binfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Envirologic TO 1 Binfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Envirologic TO 2 Binfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
QuickCool TO 1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
SpectraCure TO 2info SectorPic         0 State unknown
VibroSense Dynamics TO 1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Hybricon TO 1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Parans Solar Lighting TO 1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
NextCell TO 1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Idogen TO2info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Idogen TO3info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Raybased TO 1info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Aptahem TO 2info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Aptahem TO 3info SectorPic         0 State unknown
Orasolv TRinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
C Security TRinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Spago BTUinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
MedicPen BTUinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
WntResearch BTUinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Nanexa BTUinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Ecoclime BTUinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Aerowash BTU Binfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Ecoclime URinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Aerowash UR Binfo SectorPic         0 State unknown
Regular List

Observation List Share Prices

Värdepapper  Sector+/-%BidAskLatestHighLowVolumeTurnover# DealsValue (MSEK)Time
Oden Controlinfo SectorPic         0 State unknown

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