Board members and board composition

The composition of the Board and Members of ATS Finans AB (below ”ATS” or ”Bolaget”):

Auditor is Authorized Public Accountant Sussanne Sundvall of PricewaterhouseCoopers AB.

Owners representing more than fifty percent of the ownership of the company has set the following assessment criteria and made the following assessment of the composition of the Board:

  1. Experiences that are central to the skills needed by the Company
    • General legal knowledge
    • Securities Law
    • Financial control and management
    • Knowledge of the Company's market and market requirements
    • Board experience
    • Members's independence in relation to the company, the owners and management.
  2. Majority owners' assessment of how the competence of the Board composition complies with the securities company's needs in accordance with point 1 are summarized as below:
    • Thorbjörn Wennerholm meet the above requirements concerning general legal knowledge
    • Thorbjörn Wennerholm and Peter Gönczi meet the above requirements regarding knowledge of securities law. Furthermore, The Company and the Board has a broad and close cooperation with the Company's Compliance Officer, which will have an active role in the work of the Board of Compliance
    • Monika Pers and Peter Gönczi meet the above requirements regarding knowledge of financial control and management
    • Peter Gönczi, Monika Pers and Stefan Sallefors meet the above requirements relating to knowledge of the company's market and market requirements
    • Thorbjörn Wennerholm, Stefan Sallefors, Monika Pers and Peter Gönczi meet the above requirements regarding experience of board work
    • A majority of the board members are considered independent of the Company, the owners and management

Taking into account the expertise, experience and background, the company has a suitable composition of the Board. Furthermore is the composition deemed appropriate to the Company's operations, stage of development and other circumstances, as well as appropriate to the needs of business. The board's composition has also taken into account the demands placed on the Board's knowledge, commitment and diversity. The Board composition complies with the company's view the requirements of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance regarding independent directors.

Thorbjörn Wennerholm<

Thorbjörn Wennerholm

  • Born 1975
  • Position: Lawyer och part owner of the law firm Lindahl AB
  • Chairman of the board
  • Year elected to the board for the company 2010
  • LL.M from the University of Lunds Universitet, 1999
  • Other current board positions:
    • Advokatfirman Lindahl KB, member
    • Advokatfirman Lindahl i Malmö AB, member
    • ATS Finans Holding AB, member
    • Skomo Sverige AB, member
    • Bjurfors Stockholm AB, substitute
    • Bjurfors Sverige AB, substitute
    • Båstad fastighetsrådgivning AB, substitute
    • Sunim AB, substitute
    • M & L Industriförvaltning AB, substitute
  • The Chairman is independent of ATS and its management and is also independent in relation to the Company's major shareholders.

Work experience: Thorbjörn Wennerholm works primarily with issues related to corporate and commercial law with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions. Thorbjorn represent both the industrial and commercial companies as well as private equity funds and other financial players. Furthermore, Thorbjorn has a broad experience from various types of capital raising and corporate restructuring groups. In addition to this, Thorbjorn specialices in dispute resolution with experience in national courts, as well as from national and international arbitration.

Jakob Grinbaum

Jakob Grinbaum

  • Born 1949
  • Elected to the board of the Company in 2016
  • Education: Bachelor of Human Arts, Uppsala University, 1976
  • Other current board positions:
    • SBAB Bank AB (publ), deputy chairman
    • Fjärde AP-Fonden, deputy chairman
    • Oscar Properties Holding AB (publ), chairman
    • Jernhuset AB (publ), member
    • AB Sveriges Säkerställda Obligationer (publ), member
    • J Grinbaum Finanskonsult AB, member
    • ATS Finans Holding AB, member
  • The member is independent of ATS and its management and independent in relation to the Company's major shareholders..

Work experience: Jakob Grinbaum has extensive experience working in the financial sector and has long held several executive positions, including as Head of Group Treasury and Vice President in the Nordea Group. Jakob Grinbaum also has extensive experience of Board work through appointments in Fourth AP Fund, SBAB Bank, Nordea and several property companies.

Stefan Sallerfors

Stefan Sallerfors

  • Born 1957
  • Positions:
    • Management and organizational consultant
    • MEDVICE design AB, CEO and owner
  • Elected to the board of the Company in 2011
  • Education:
    • Medical Degree from University of Lund 1981
    • Licensed physician 1983
    • Specialist in Medical Radiology 1987
  • Other current board positions:
    • MEDVICE design AB, chairman, CEO
    • Folktandvården Skåne AB, chairman
    • Guldkula Champagne AB, member
    • TikoMed AB, member
    • Trigonum AB, member
    • Margretetorp Utvecklings AB, member
    • Nordic Environmental Recycling Group AB, ledamot
    • Kaabs Nordic AB, substitute
    • Kaabs projekt AB, substitute
    • Kaabs Utveckling AB, substitute
    • Kaabs Holding AB, substitute
    • Svalövs Lagerhus AB, substitute
    • Filborna Utvecklings AB, substitute
  • The member is independent of ATS and its management and independent in relation to the Company's major shareholders.

Work experience: Stefan Sallerfors has extensive experience as CEO, research director and consultant in a number of companies in the healthcare industry. In addition to this, Stefan is a member of several company boards.

Peter Gönczi

Peter Gönczi

  • Born 1975
  • Positions:
    • CEO of the Bolaget
    • CEO ATS Finans Holding AB
  • Elected to the board of the Company in 2014
  • Education: Kandidatexamen i företagsekonomi, Uppsala Universitet, 2000
  • Other current board positions: ATS Finans Holding AB, member
  • VP AktieTorget AB 2006-2011
  • CEO AktieTorget AB 2011-2014
  • Has worked in the company since 2013
  • The member has a dependency relationship with ATS and management but is independent of the company's major shareholders.

Work experience: Peter Gönczi has since his degree in business in 2000 worked as President, Vice President and as well as Head of market surveillance, monitoring and information exchange management in several companies. He also has experience of board work.

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