About AktieTorget

AktieTorget's vision

The development of society is dependent on a well-functioning economy. It leads to more people in work and therefore to a better welfare. A successful business is linked to the fact that new companies can be created and grow - which in turn implies that there is access to ready venture capital. There are currently several ways for companies to find financing, but even so, there are many interesting companies that could be even more successful if they had better access to growth capital. There are also many investors who would like to invest in new attractive companies. It relies, however, on the notion that they have confidence in the companies and that there is a sound and transparent market for the shares.

AktieTorget's vision is to contribute to a strong Swedish business community by providing companies a tool for growth and development by increasing investor interest in the stock market in general and growth companies in particular.

AktieTorget's mission

AktieTorget's mission is to create a sound and visible marketplace for trading shares and in doing so provide the listed companies a tool for growth and development.

AktieTorget's method

In order to create a healthy marketplace AktieTorget carries out a thorough analysis and review before listing a company. Once the company is listed the company's publiced information and actions is scrutinized to ensure that the company acts in accordance with applicable regulations and good practices. AktieTorget attaches particular importance to providing investors with comprehensive and easily accessible information about the company and the events and facts surrounding the company.

To help companies to be seen and provide investors with good information about the companies AktieTorget have established a variety of support functions, such as the wide distribution of press releases, structured IR page, news coverage, and education for the company about regulations.

AktieTorget's history

AktieTorget operates a marketplace since 1998 for the trading of shares and other financial instruments. Legally speaking, the marketplace a so-called multilateral trading facility (also called MTF). Operation of the trading platform is a type securities business under the Securities Market Act and AktieTorget's operations are, therefore, under the supervision of Finansinspektionen (FI).

AktieTorget was formerly an independent limited company but is since December 2013 a line of business within, and the secondary name of, ATS Finans AB. ATS Finans AB also conducts other types of securities business, under the business segment and secondary name of Sedermera Fondkommission. Information about the activities available on www.sedermera.se. ATS Finans AB is owned by ATS Finance Holding AB, a private company with approximately 30 shareholders. The largest shareholder is Staffan Persson (through company) with about 39 percent of the shares. Torbjörn Wennerholm is chairman of ATS Finans AB and Peter Gönczi is the Managing director.

Why AktieTorget?

  • AktieTorget is orientated on the needs of small and medium sized entrepreneur led companies with large potentials.
  • The investor protection is important. External share holders' interest must be protected

AktieTorget offers small and medium sized entrepreneur led companies the stock market's advantages to the best price and service level on the market.

Peter Gönczi, CEO Aktietorget

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  • 111 57 Stockholm
  • Telefon: 08 - 511 68 000
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